The Source 1

This, my first attempt at a large trompe l'oeil, is heavily influenced by an excursion to a landscape where the vistas appeared to have been made for dimensional representation and visionary art. I recollected having seen trogons in the area. I went for a really large fern frond and a garden escapee, thunbergia grandiflora, as foreground for the composition. Impatien verticillata, a flame coloured impatien, lover of water, slippery rocks and stream side slush in the South Western Ghats, is precariously balanced in its actual habitat, in real time, like most other balsams, and other semi-aquatic, swamp and meadow plants. Another tiny stream and rock side classic from the South Western Ghats, an unspecified sonerila, hedychium flavescens, musa, the ancestors to the our humble banana and plantain fruit, are all part of the Malabar trogon couple's world. The greater racket-tailed drongo, perched further away, is the observer. Great mimics that they are, observation must play a most crucial role in the lives of these raucous lampooners.

Date: 17 February 2015
Medium: Painting (acrylic on canvas)
Size: 3.0 * 4.0 feet
Status: commissioned