With buds she plays the colours of cheer
Awash in rainbows of nostalgia
Before a petal can settle on a shade
Across the skies her paints are smeared

They strum the tunes of the hibiscus band
Played by passion’s long-fingered hands
Catching jewelled flies in paradise
Are her medleys of the shimmering land

Twittered red is the scheme of rhyme
Illusions break into tears that chime
In this fair forest of fantastica
She plants pink kisses on the winds of time

Poem: Kaliyana Sanga Karat Hai Ranga Raliya by Maithreyi Karnoor
Date: 18 May 2019
Medium: Painting (acrylic on canvas)
Size: 6.0 * 12.0 feet (seamless triptych, per panel size 6.0 * 4.0 feet)
Status: commissioned